Taoist Weddings and Rituals

Ritual, Christina and Chad

Christina Russ and Chad Kugler, Magnolia, Ohio

deb and mike wedding 05182013

Deb and Mike, 2013

Pamela and Luis 2015

                     Ceremonies Performed by Zhi Dao Guan, The Taoist Center

Human life is holy.  Grand Master Wei Ren Feng

Ceremonies and rituals are one way of marking ourtransitions and celebrating important events. Zhi Dao Guan, The Taoist Center can assist you in designing and performing ceremonies that are derived from Taoist ritual, inter faith, or non-denominational paths.

Ordained Taoist priest, Dr. Alex Feng, and priestess, Dr. Charlene Ossler,  are available to perform weddings, vow renewals, commitment and affirmation ceremonies, funeral services, memorials, christenings and other ceremonies that are customized to the preferences of those involved.

Ritual, Charlene and Alex

Dr. Alex Feng and Dr. Charlene Ossler

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Chris and Maria with Dr. Feng and Buddha, ring bearer

Dr. Feng has been solemnizing marriages since the 1970s and several of those marriages are depicted in the photographs on this page. We require two face-to-face or telephonic conversations with Dr. Feng, Dr. Ossler and the wedding couple in advance of the ceremony. Drs. Feng and Ossler assist the couple in designing a ceremony that has meaning for them and encourage the bride and groom to select readings, poems, songs, music, and vows that are distinctive. If the ceremony requires the staff to travel, the travel expenses and per diem are added onto the basic ceremony fee.

Celebrate in your own way – these are ceremonies are drawn from your heart and individualized so they are an extraordinary expression of amazing people. Call the Center today at 510-336-0129 to reserve the date for your joyful celebration.

Dr. Feng’s basic fee is $750 plus travel expenses, if needed.

Ritual, Josh and Kelly

Josh Weger and Kelly Rutledge, Youngstown, Ohio

Ritual, Anisa and Rob

Ritual, Anisa and Rob

Marlene Bizack and Scott Riley, Oakland CA

Marlene Bizack and Scott Riley, Oakland CA

Dametrius Spencer and Maria Feng

Dametrius Spencer and Maria Feng

We have only one life to live –

Zhi Dao teaches you how to live it to its fullest.

—Grand Master Wei Ren Feng